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Outlaw Billy Don Burns - The Country Blues

1. Runnin' Drugs Out Of Mexico (Billy Don Burns)
2. Mexican Woman (Billy Don Burns)
3. No Shortage Of The Blues (Billy Don Burns/Mack Vickery)
4. Damn Cryin' Shame (Billy Don Burns/Mike Randolph)
5. Stranger (Billy Don Burns)
6. The Prison Song (Billy Don Burns)
7. Ramblin' Gypsy (Ken McDuffie/Robin Gipson)
8. You Lied Our Love Away (Billy Don Burns/Hank Cochran)
9. I Like Trains (Billy Don Burns/Tim Ledford)
10. No God In Juaurez (Billie Gant)
11. Wild Dogs (Billy Don Burns)
12. Honky Tonk Boots (Billy Don Burns/Mack Vickery/Scott Blackwell)

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Burns has lived a life full enough for 2 people, and he's got stories to tell that you'll want to hear. Thankfully, he's well versed in country sounds- both past and present- and his execution is something we'll never tire of. - Take Effect

They tried to run him off but Willie's slow.  Apparently Burns ran too fast for his own good since he's been in the honky tonks for 50 years and finally got a record deal---when there are practically no more records.  Age might has sanded down some of his rough edges, but he's still singing about running drugs from Mexico and other career paths most moms would frown upon.  If you find yourself firing up Waylon and them boys on the streaming services, this is the new stuff you've been looking for.  He's sings it like he lived it and the authenticity will blow your socks off.  Hot throughout. - Midwest Record

Sons Of The Pioneers - The Lost Masters

1. Cowboy Jubilee (Ken Carson) 
2. Blue Prairie (Bob Nolan, Tim Spencer) 
3. Open Range Ahead (Bob Nolan)
4. When Payday Rolls Around (Bob Nolan)
5. Wind (Bob Nolan) 
6. Yippi Yi Your Troubles Away (Tim Spencer)
7. The Everlasting Hills of Oklahoma (Tim Spencer)
8. A Cowboy Has to Sing (Bob Nolan)
9. Along the Navajo Trail (Larry Marks, Dick Charles, Eddie De Lange)
10. Hold That Critter Down (Bob Nolan)
11. Cimarron (Roll on) (Johnny Bond)
12. Chant of the Plains (I Need You) (Bob Nolan)
13. Whoopie Ti Yi Yo (Traditional)
14. Song of the Trail (Stan Jones)
15. Ridin' Home (Bob Nolan)
16. Chant of the Wanderer (Bob Nolan)

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An institution who have won just about every award possible in the area of country music, these rare recordings prove just why the legacy of Sons Of The Pioneers has persisted since their inception in the '30s, and why, a hundred years from now, their name will still be relative. - Take Effect

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