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Outlaw Billy Don Burns - The Country Blues

1. Runnin' Drugs Out Of Mexico (Billy Don Burns)
2. Mexican Woman (Billy Don Burns)
3. No Shortage Of The Blues (Billy Don Burns/Mack Vickery)
4. Damn Cryin' Shame (Billy Don Burns/Mike Randolph)
5. Stranger (Billy Don Burns)
6. The Prison Song (Billy Don Burns)
7. Ramblin' Gypsy (Ken McDuffie/Robin Gipson)
8. You Lied Our Love Away (Billy Don Burns/Hank Cochran)
9. I Like Trains (Billy Don Burns/Tim Ledford)
10. No God In Juaurez (Billie Gant)
11. Wild Dogs (Billy Don Burns)
12. Honky Tonk Boots (Billy Don Burns/Mack Vickery/Scott Blackwell)

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Sons Of The Pioneers - The Lost Masters

1. Cowboy Jubilee (Ken Carson) 
2. Blue Prairie (Bob Nolan, Tim Spencer) 
3. Open Range Ahead (Bob Nolan)
4. When Payday Rolls Around (Bob Nolan)
5. Wind (Bob Nolan) 
6. Yippi Yi Your Troubles Away (Tim Spencer)
7. The Everlasting Hills of Oklahoma (Tim Spencer)
8. A Cowboy Has to Sing (Bob Nolan)
9. Along the Navajo Trail (Larry Marks, Dick Charles, Eddie De Lange)
10. Hold That Critter Down (Bob Nolan)
11. Cimarron (Roll on) (Johnny Bond)
12. Chant of the Plains (I Need You) (Bob Nolan)
13. Whoopie Ti Yi Yo (Traditional)
14. Song of the Trail (Stan Jones)
15. Ridin' Home (Bob Nolan)
16. Chant of the Wanderer (Bob Nolan)

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